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I've been thinking a lot about what is going to happen with Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead. Naturally, being a show about the zombie apocalypse, there's always the chance that either or both of them might die. And while that's certainly a possibility (hopefully not a probability *tear*) down the road, I believe Beth and Daryl are both safe for now, at least for a little while.

Thoughts on who might be on the chopping block, and who probably isn'tCollapse )

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Of all the reasons why Daryl and Beth might not become a couple, their age difference is the absolute dumbest and least important reason anyone could give.

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Even though I am completely biased pro-Beth/Daryl now, there was a time when I wasn't. As I explained in my previous post, because I believed Carol/Daryl might happen at some point in this season, when Beth and Daryl ended up as a team, I never expected anything romantic to develop between them.

However, I have very quickly changed my opinion after the last few episodes, and especially this week's sneak peek. I don't know if Beth and Daryl will ever be an official couple (even if they both survive to reunite, plenty of other things could get in the way, including Beth not reciprocating), but I think we can safely say that Daryl has feelings for Beth. Certainly the writers are setting it up that way, or they want us to think so.

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Recently no matter what fandom I get into, there's some shipping war involved. And, really, one is more than enough for me. The reason I'm so invested in the Bleach shipping war is because I honestly find it baffling how any person can genuinely believe IchiOri has a chance in hell of becoming canon (it doesn't). However, in these other fandoms, the endgame pairing is anyone's guess, and I'm content with whatever, even if I have a preference.

Thoughts on the shipwars in Once Upon A Time, Sleepy Hollow, and The Walking Dead...Collapse )

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Original post was deleted. These org arguments...Collapse )

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Ichigo rescues Rukia
Orgs: It’s not romantic at all!!

Ichigo rescues Orihime

Ichigo protects Rukia
Orgs: So what? Ichigo protects everyone.

Ichigo protects Orihime

Ichigo and Rukia are the Black Sun and White Moon
Orgs: Those ying/yang titles are NOT romantic
Same Org: Ichigo and Orihime are the Black Moon and White Sun!

Kubo draws lots and lots of IchiRuki colorspreads
Orgs: Colorspreads don’t count!

Half the telephone spread with Orihime and Ichigo comes out
Orgs: ICHIORI IS CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kubo draws a RenRuki and IchiOri colorspread
Orgs: OMG IchiOri and RenRuki are TOTALLY the intended pairings!!!

Kubo draws an IchiRuki and an IshiHime colorspread
Orgs: It’s just a nakama colorspread!

Third Bleach movie is all about Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship, with the most input from Kubo
Orgs: Movies are just filler!!!!

Fourth Bleach movie has one scene where Orihime clings to Ichigo’s back, Kubo had so little input he asked for his name to be removed

Rukia is the second main character of Bleach
Orgs: Pairing the main characters together is SO boring!
Same Org: OMG Orihime is TOTALLY the heroine of Bleach!!!

Kubo retweets and favorites loads of IchiRuki tweets
Orgs: Doesn’t mean shit! EVIL ICHIRUKI FANS MADE HIM DO IT!!!!!111

Kubo retweets ONE IchiOri cupcake tweet
Orgs: OMFG ICHIORI IS CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From this tumblr post.

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I've seen quite a few IchiOris declare that no one can be a "true Orihime fan" unless they ship her with Ichigo. "Since she loves him," they say, "only shipping him with her would make her truly happy, so no one who ships her with anyone else really wants her to be happy."

That is such a load of bs.

First of all, by that logic, you cannot ship any ship unless BOTH people are in love with the other person in canon. Ichigo doesn't love Orihime, so you shouldn't ship him with her, otherwise don't you dare call yourself a "true Ichigo fan." Same goes for Rukia and Renji; since it's not canon that she loves him, don't you ship RenRuki if you want to be able to call yourself a "true Rukia fan."

Since when did wanting a character to be happy turn into wanting a character to get everything they think they want? What if Orihime wasn't in love with Ichigo, but with a mean, abusive, cheating boyfriend who treated her terribly? Would the "true Orihime fans" still have to ship the two of them together since Orihime loves him and therefore wouldn't be happy with anyone else? Seriously, replace "Ichigo" with any other thing that would be bad for Orihime and you can see why this is completely idiotic. Orihime really wants to drop out of high school. Orihime really wants to shoot up heroin. Orihime really wants to join a gang. Just because a character you like wants something doesn't mean you have to want them to have it.

What is so difficult to understand about the concept of a character being happy despite not getting what they want? Is it to hard to imagine that us non-IchiOri-shipper-Orihime-fans DO want her to be happy, but with someone who will actually appreciate her. We want her to move on from Ichigo and fall in love with someone who will return her feelings rather than ignore them. Someone who will see her as his ray of light, as the person who dries his rain, as the person who can always cheer him up, not some other girl.

That person is not Ichigo.

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I saw some people arguing on tumblr over how sexually experienced Rukia is, and I felt the need to write this because this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I have been put off by more than one fic where Rukia is painted as someone "more experienced" than Ichigo in that regard. Usually there's no explanation or backstory given, like that she had been romantically involved with Renji or Kaien or even someone else, and that's what I find the most irritating about this. It's not the fact that the writer is changing the nature of Rukia's relationship with either of them, it's the fact that they are just ASSUMING Rukia is "experienced" because she is "older," and that is bullshit.

First of all, let's get something straight: Rukia has never been canonically shown to be in a relationship with ANYONE. Not Renji, not Kaien, and not some random nameless guy. We know that she was not involved with the two former from the flashbacks we've seen, and then we learn that after her adoption, she felt isolated and alone, as well as during her time at the academy, when Renji was making new friends, but she was NOT.

Rukia's not even that old. Shinigami age slower, obviously, so she and Renji are probably in their late teens/early twenties at the beginning of the series in human years, but that is irrelevant. Someone's age is not necessarily an indication of their romantic experience. We have SEEN how lonely Rukia was her entire life, we've SEEN that Kaien was the only person from her past life that she had feelings for, and it was clear that nothing ever happened between them. In Bleach canon, Rukia is as romantically experienced as Ichigo, meaning she is not romantically experienced at all. Anything other than that is your (out-of-character) headcanon.

Lastly, I just want to say that the only people Rukia could be imagined to have been romantically involved with (as in a non-canon way) are Renji and Kaien. It would be completely out-of-character for Rukia to just hook up with some random guy. Stop projecting.

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